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Heidi Huerta
Heidi HuertaHeroes in Recovery Community Manager
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Heidi Huerta is originally from Pensacola, FL, and graduated from Marymount College, Tarrytown in Tarrytown, NY. After four years of commuting and working in the “big city,” Heidi decided to move back home. In Pensacola, she was able to continue on the advertising path as a radio advertising sales representative. This progression is what ultimately allowed Heidi to move to Nashville, TN, in 2006. She transferred to Nashville with her company and continued to utilize her sales skills as well as her advertising and media knowledge.

When she moved to Nashville, she was searching for a sense of community and fortunately found it with the East Nasty Running Club. Through her love of running and community and her passion for volunteerism, she quickly acclimated to Nashville.

Heidi has a service-oriented heart by nature and has volunteered her time with various organizations in multiple capacities. However the most recent life-changing experience for Heidi has been committing her time as a volunteer with The Next Door (www.nextdoor.org), a non-profit organization dedicated to serving women in crisis. In July 2012, Heidi began volunteering as a run coach with the residents of The Next Door in preparation for the Heroes in Recovery 6K in Leiper’s Fork, TN, and she continues to run/walk with them weekly.

All of these life experiences, and more specifically her commitment to the women at The Next Door, have led her to Foundations Recovery Network and Heroes in Recovery. As the community manager for Heroes in Recovery, Heidi works closely with the Heroes in Recovery lead advocates. The advocates are integral in helping to grow the movement to break the social stigma that keeps addicted individuals from seeking help. Heidi continues to enjoy running with the East Nasty Running Club and is usually training for half or full marathons. She is also passionate about yoga and practices regularly.

Take a listen to Heidi discussing her passion for Heroes and the recovering community.

Some Sobering Facts: Why Heroes in Recovery Got Started

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 20 million people needed substance abuse treatment last year and did not receive it. About 10 million Americans did not receive needed mental healthcare. The stigma associated with substance abuse and mental health disorders creates a significant barrier to individuals and families seeking help.

Foundations Recovery Network and the widespread community of those who are in recovery from addiction and co-occurring disorders would like to break this stigma.

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How Heroes in Recovery Set Out to Change the Conversation on Addiction and Recovery

Started by Foundations Recovery Network (FRN), Heroes in Recovery is a grassroots movement that seeks to remove the social stigma associated with getting addiction treatment and being in recovery. The Heroes movement is about building a recovery community that bands together to share powerful stories of personal transformation in order to inspire others to get help. It is a community dedicated to staying active and involved in a network of support and breaking down the barriers that keep people from seeking the treatment they need. The Heroes effort also intends to recognize the heroic acts of recovery made every day by people who continue to stay clean and sober. It honors heroes recovering from many other types of disorders and trauma that can feed or manifest from an addiction as well. It’s important for the public to understand, embrace, and encourage people who are finding a way to thrive within their own circumstances and live the lives that they desire and deserve.

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Visit the Heroes in Recovery site and read some of the stories people have shared. Maybe it will encourage you to share your own! You don’t have to be in recovery to know the effects that substance abuse can have on a family or friendships. You can also support someone you know who is waging his or her own battle with addiction or mental health issues. The Heroes movement needs you!

With your help, we look forward to a future of enabling others to get help, encouraging those who are getting treatment, and celebrating with those who have won the fight to stay clean and sober.

Heroes Events: the Heroes in Recovery 6K

Heroes in Recovery continues to grow its popular Heroes 6K races, expanding into new cities as they seek to educate the community at large and celebrate those on the journey of recovery. The Heroes in Recovery 6K races serve as an educational tool for the community as well as a reminder to individuals that while they are on a personal journey of recovery, many others are on that road with them.