What is Integrated Treatment?

At Foundations Recovery Network, we believe in treating the whole person, that’s why our integrated treatment model is at the core of all we do. This dual diagnosis approach has delivered proven results and is the key to lasting recovery. By pairing co-occurring clinical and psychological treatment with residential and outpatient treatment programs, clients suffering from substance abuse and mental disorders get to the root of their addiction issues so they can experience long-term health.

All of our facilities – from residential treatment centers to our outpatient facilities – rely on the integrated treatment model as the basis of their programs.

Proven through 11 federally funded research studies, the FRN treatment model makes clients twice as likely to experience continuing sobriety one year post-treatment compared to the national average of traditional programs.

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Integrated Treatment Infographic

Learn more about Integrated Treatment and the latest statistics.

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The Case for Integrated Treatment, by the numbers:

  • More than 50% of those who abuse drugs are believed to all have at least one significant mental illness as well.
  • More than 35% of alcoholics have at least one mental illness.
  • Almost a third of all individuals with a mental illness also have a substance abuse problem.
  • Prison systems have a significant number of dual diagnosis patients under lock and key. Research has found that over 20% off those currently residing in the United States prison system could be classified as dual diagnosis.
  • Dual diagnosis patients are at a high risk for suicide. Studies have found that those with co-occurring disorders commit suicide at a rate much higher than those with just an addiction or mental illness alone.

Common Integrated Treatment Questions