Why Choose Foundations?

Making the decision to go to treatment is complicated. It’s hard to ask for help and can be even harder to know which integrated treatment provider you should entrust with your care. That’s why our goal is simple: to provide honest, straightforward, life-changing help.

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At FRN we understand that people are not simply made up of conditions that need to be treated. They are human beings who have unique experiences and their own distinct needs and goals. This is why effective treatment simply cannot be one-size-fits-all.

We sincerely believe that treatment must be something done with you, not to you. Recovery is a partnership and a process.

As you consider your options for treatment, we’ve outlined the promises we’ve made to our clients over the years. We’ve stood behind these promises since the beginning, and these are promises that, should you choose to put your trust in us for treatment, you will experience for yourself.