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    Interventions With Heart: Tough Love May Save Your Child’s Life

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Interventions With Heart: Tough Love May Save Your Child’s Life

In an ideal family, parents provide their children with unconditional and consistent care and love. The hope is that parents accept their children just as they are, and provide those children with a safe place to land if they make mistakes. The door is always open to the child, no matter what that child may do. (more…)

What to Do When Someone Lies about Drug Use

A lot of people struggle with drug abuse and addiction. While some people openly admit that they have a problem with drugs, the majority of people dealing with these problems deny that anything is wrong. Denial of any form can be dangerous, but denying drug abuse or addiction is especially risky. Not only does denial often keep people from getting the professional help that they need, it can also lead to severe and potentially life-threatening problems related to the drug abuse and addiction. For this reason, it’s essential for anyone dealing with drug abuse or addiction to talk to someone about the problem and seek out professional help. Furthermore, it’s sometimes necessary for loved ones of people struggling with drug abuse and addiction to confront the person in a way that will encourage him to get the help he needs. (more…)

4 Reasons Some Interventions Fail

Each year, millions of people struggle with drug abuse and dependence. The 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that in America alone, approximately 22.2 million people ages 12 and over were either abusing or dependent on a substance. Additionally, more than 23 million people qualified as needing treatment for a substance use problem. Out of all of these people, however, only 2.5 million actually received any type of treatment. One reason that so many people who need substance abuse treatment don’t receive it is because they go through a failed intervention.

Interventions occur when a person’s family or friends are concerned about her substance abuse or dependence and want to help her receive the treatment she desperately needs. Although many interventions are successful, they don’t work every time. These four factors can sometimes come into play and lead to a failed intervention.

1. Inadequate Planning and Organization

Interventions should always be conducted in a group setting with people that care about the person struggling with the drug problem. Before the intervention occurs, the group should plan out each aspect of the event. When one or more of the following steps are ignored, the intervention might lack focus […]

When to Call a Family Mediator

Families have conflicts all the time, which may be over trivial matters or more serious issues alike. Many people can work out these differences and compromise on their own, but some families need outside help to compromise. It’s unclear when families should seek professional mediators, so consider all aspects of the disagreement to know when you should seek a family mediator.


Effects of Family Conflict Resolution

Arguments often occur, and many families can work through these problems without professional help. Some families can improve their communication skills by learning about the techniques mediators use to resolve conflicts. As Sadia Latifi explains, these techniques include the following examples:

  • Setting ground rules—Have each side clearly define what rules the discussion will have, and then stick to those rules
  • Don’t secretly hunt for information—Be honest with each other and discuss your feelings directly instead of acting behind the other party’s back
  • Practice affirming nonverbal communication—You could nod your head and maintain eye contact
  • Be open to alternative answers—Sometimes, the best solution to a conflict is one that neither side has considered

Learn about family resolution skills to address your family conflicts.


Disputes a Family Mediator Can Address

Families may need to call a family mediator when they fail to […]

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How to Have an Intervention

An intervention is any organized effort from family members or friends of an individual struggling with some form of addiction, often to a substance such as alcohol or an illegal drug. Interventions come in many forms, and vary greatly based on the severity of the individual’s addiction and her willingness to seek professional help. Interventions can be pivotal moments in a person’s addiction, so they must be handled with care and precision. They should also always be guided by a healthcare professional qualified to lead interventions.


Types of Interventions

The first step to having an intervention is to decide which type of intervention best fits the needs of the individual receiving the intervention. Generally, interventions fall into four main categories, as the University of Bedfordshire explains. Each category is based on the severity of the individual’s addiction as well as the level of treatment involved:

  • The most basic type of intervention happens when any type of healthcare provider with appropriate drug rehabilitation qualifications works with the individual to develop a flexible treatment plan that is carried out in the individual’s spare time. This intervention is not specialized for a specific type of substance addiction, but it can be used to address many […]
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