Innovations In Recovery

San Diego, California

April 6 - April 9, 2020

Focused on exploring new and emerging modalities and proven approaches to substance abuse and co-occurring treatment, the Innovations in Recovery conference highlights breakthroughs in complex mental health disorders and process addictions. The primary goal of IIR is to equip treatment professionals and organizations to effectively meet the needs of specialized clients and demographics, as well as to inform them of the latest business trends and topics impacting the industry.




Innovations in Recovery is dedicated to educating treatment professionals and organizations on the latest and most effective recovery methods in behavioral healthcare.


Attendees will discover effective strategies, best practices and clinically proven recovery methods for treating substance use disorders, mental health disorders, process addictions, traumatic history and unwilling populations.

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Contact: Glenn Hadley, Director of Foundations Events

Last Year’s Topics

Tuesday, April 16

Point of Entry and Stabilization

The first day of IIR starts where your patients start. How can we build trust with our communities and help each individual take the first step toward finding the right treatment for them? How do we ensure that we understand how to offer patients the individualized therapies that meet their needs?

Wednesday, April 17

Process of Care

After a patient has taken that first step to seek help, it’s time for us to follow through on our promises and deliver the best care possible. So, how can we maintain high ethical standards throughout our work?

Thursday, April 18

Guidelines and Extended Care

When a patient’s time at your facility ends, their lifetime journey of recovery is just beginning. How can we create ethical, forward-thinking processes that adjust to the current climate and set up patients for long-term success in life?

Friday, April 19

Closing Keynote

On the final day of IIR 2019, we’ll zoom in to focus on how these issues affect the local community and highlight several people who are making a positive impact in Southern California. With this vision in mind, we’re offering a special $20 general admission rate for this day’s sessions to bring more local voices into the conversation.

Meet and network with other professionals

Our conferences bring together the best and brightest from all over the country, and you’ll get a chance to meet experts and other professionals who can help you and your practice thrive. Working together, we can serve more people who need our help the most!

Top-notch speakers and presentations

Our speaker selection reflects our commitment to your education and behavioral health innovation. You’ll learn from a variety of well-known, seasoned experts who can give you the knowledge you need to work smarter and serve your patients well. Our industry is always changing, and new challenges are continually on the horizon. Our esteemed speakers will help you navigate the obstacles that you and your patients face regularly in our fast-paced world.

  • Behavioral healthcare professionals
  • Addiction industry specialists
  • Case managers/discharge planners
  • Psychiatrists
  • Counselors
  • Clinical directors
  • Executive management
  • Interventionists
  • EAP specialists
  • Social workers
  • Healthcare marketers
  • Business development
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