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Generational Trauma; Healing the past, the present and the future

Is historical trauma within a family passed down through the DNA and through witnessing behaviors, attachment, trauma reactivity, depression, and anxiety? Do family of origin issues make us more susceptible to addiction and mental health issues? Does the healing of a family system impact the current generation and future generations? This presentation will explore generational trauma, its impact on mental health, addiction, and issues within the family. We will look at the latest research, case studies, and anecdotal evidence. The presentation will discuss the impact of traumatic events on the individual and the family system. We will explore the connection between trauma and addiction and the necessity for healing trauma to aid in the recovery from addictions. We will emphasize the need for family work when working with trauma, addiction and mental health.

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Our nationwide family of treatment centers includes both residential and outpatient facilities covering the full continuum of care. We are prepared to meet patients where they are in their recovery process and provide the most appropriate level of care for their individual needs.

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