New CEO with strong Atlanta ties is the face of national TV commercial, featured on Recovery Unscripted podcast

Talbott RecoveryNashville, TN | March 15, 2018 -Jennifer Angier is the new CEO of Talbott Recovery in Atlanta, Georgia, a treatment program that addresses addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. Since taking the lead, Angier has worked alongside her highly experienced staff to ensure that every treatment program at Talbott is continuing to evolve to best meet the needs of each patient that walks through the door.

Opened nearly four decades ago, Talbott’s initial focus was treating impaired physicians. Today, Dr. Doug Talbott’s vision has expanded to include other licensed professionals including nurses, pharmacists, pilots and lawyers as well as nonprofessional young adults and adults. All patients receive comprehensive co-occurring treatment in the company of other professionals.

A nationally recognized expert on addiction treatment techniques, Angier worked her way up in the field, beginning in administration before returning to school. She earned her undergraduate degree from Georgia State University, graduating summa cum laude, and she completed a master’s in organizational leadership from Mercer University, again graduating with honors.

“I started my career 28 years ago as a receptionist at SAFE, which was Talbott at one time, and eventually helped start the Young Adult Program,” Angier explains. “Leaving Talbott was a hard decision, so the opportunity to come full circle back to Talbott is really surprising and so cool. To be back at a program I know and love, with patients I’m absolutely amazed by and a staff that is fully and completely committed to the mission of Talbott, is a real honor for me. It’s like coming home.”

Today, Angier has more than two decades of clinical experience, including stints as executive director at Foundations Roswell, an outpatient treatment center in Metro Atlanta, and CEO of Black Bear Lodge in Sautee, Georgia. She is a level II national certified addictions counselor and is level II certified with the Georgia Addiction Counseling Association.

Angier is currently featured in a national TV spot for Talbott’s parent company, Foundations Recovery Network. In it, she speaks about the concerns many people have prior to seeking treatment and how those are overcome by finding restored health and happiness in recovery. She also lends her expertise to FRN’s weekly podcast, Recovery Unscripted. Her podcast interview focused on the importance of treatment professionals walking with patients through resistance and listening to each individual story before doing anything else. She also wove in aspects of her personal story as well as how the 12-Step concept can be reframed to help patients overcome resistance and tell their stories through the eyes of truth.

While she enjoys sharing her knowledge with the larger community, Angier’s focus today is on Talbott and its future.

“Talbott creates lifetime relationships with patients. They stay connected,” she says. “Seeing how the communities work together and how the patients grow and thrive, it’s like nothing I’ve ever done before.”

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Talbott Recovery Atlanta offers programs for Adults, Licensed Professionals, Young Adults, Pilots and others seeking treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. Four decades of history go into every program they offer, and their professional team is personally invested in each patient they treat. Individualized care plans are created, focused on each patient’s specific needs. Group and individual therapy is balanced with meditation and mindfulness training as well as recovery planning to help ensure long-term success. Talbott also offers a 72-hour Assessment, a full multi-disciplinary evaluation overseen by their treatment team. They also offer programming for family members, their popular Mirror Image Program and ongoing alumni support to provide support and resources once patients return home. Find out more at

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