Outpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues
Four Convenient Locations in the Atlanta Area

About Us

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Foundations Atlanta offers comprehensive integrated treatment for addiction and mental health conditions, and our patients learn the skills and solutions that will help them integrate recovery into their everyday lives. We approach substance abuse as a disease, a belief that permeates everything we do. As a result, we treat our patients with the same dignity and respect afforded to anyone else in need of treatment, creating a supportive atmosphere where people are viewed as individuals.

Outpatient treatment offers a special opportunity for patients to start or reaffirm their recovery in a real-world setting. Acquiring the tools and education to sustain recovery long-term is a key facet of outpatient treatment, and our programs allow patients to process their thoughts with treatment professionals and peers as they continue to lay the foundation for a renewed life in sobriety. Whether you have just graduated from a residential program, you’ve been in recovery for years and would like to recommit to the process, or you’re just beginning to learn about what a life in recovery would mean for you, we can help. Our supportive staff at multiple locations will meet you where you are and will ensure that you feel encouraged and equipped for your individual journey.

Offering Four Outpatient Locations

With the addition of Talbott Recovery to the FRN family, we have four outpatient treatment facilities in the Atlanta area:

Residential Rehabilitation Options

For those seeking a more intensive level of care, Foundations Recovery Network (FRN) offers residential services at Black Bear Lodge, which is situated in the serene forest foothills of northern Georgia. Located in Sautee, Black Bear Lodge provides a restorative atmosphere for transformative recovery, and it utilizes the same dedicated model of integrated treatment employed at Foundations Atlanta and all FRN programs nationwide. Black Bear Lodge offers adventure and experiential therapy, a family program, educational groups, a professionals’ program, individual and group therapy, and personalized treatment plans. Patients benefit from innovative modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills and Motivational Interviewing. Click here to find out more about residential treatment at Black Bear Lodge.

Dual Diagnosis

At Foundations Atlanta, we specialize in treating both addiction and mental health conditions in the same setting. The terms “co-occurring” and “dual diagnosis” are often used describe the presence of both chemical dependency and an emotional or psychiatric illness. Individuals who experience a dual diagnosis often face a wide range of psychosocial issues and may experience more than two interacting illnesses. We know that treating substance abuse and mental health conditions simultaneously offers individuals the best chance of long-term recovery.

Researchers, mental health professionals and chemical dependency treatment providers are finding that dual disorders occur with regular frequency. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has determined that dual diagnoses affect more than 10 million Americans each year. We are continuing to discover more about the specific causes of psychiatric illness and chemical dependency. We know that family history, genetics, brain chemistry and environmental factors all appear to play important roles.

Our system of care is focused on treating the whole person. This means that our treatment programs address the presenting issues as well as their underlying causes, and our emphasis is on teaching life skills that will help individuals thrive in recovery. At Foundations Atlanta, patients are educated about their conditions, and they participate in informative and process groups on relationships, trauma, medical concerns, spirituality and family issues. We want each person attends our program to have positive interactions, healthy coping skills and an understanding of how to respond to the world as a confident, inspired individual in recovery.

Common Problems with Co-occurring Disorders

Not every facility can treat co-occurring disorders effectively. Research has shown that our methods work, and it is largely because our treatment model is evidence-based and outcomes-informed. There are several common issues associated with co-occurring disorders that need to be addressed. These include the following:

  • Family and social problems
  • Employment or school problems
  • High-risk behavior
  • Drunk or drugged driving
  • Multiple admissions to residential/outpatient treatment due to chemical relapse
  • Multiple admissions for psychiatric care due to reoccurrence of psychiatric symptoms
  • Increased emergency room admissions
  • Increased need for acute health care services
  • Legal problems and incarceration

Healing from co-occurring disorders incorporates both biological and behavioral health treatment. At Foundations Atlanta, we want to help you recover your life in many more ways than one.

Atlanta Area CE events

When it comes to educating the behavorial health community, Foundations Atlanta and Talbott Recovery have always sought to take an active role. Please check out our full schedule of 2018 events at all of our convenient locations in the Atlanta area.

The Foundations Atlanta Difference

At Foundations Atlanta, we have staff who care and programs that are effective. We are nationally recognized for integrative and evidence-based methods that have produced proven results for individuals dealing with substance abuse issues and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Our dual diagnosis approach provides the best opportunity for you or your loved one to achieve complete and lasting recovery. If you have any questions about our treatment programs or locations, please contact us at the toll-free number listed on this page. We offer complimentary assessments, so call us today to schedule an assessment for you or your loved one.

Getting More Information About Our Outpatient Treatment

If you want to know more about how you or a loved one can get admitted to a Foundations Recovery Network residential treatment program, please call our toll-free number. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you in the process of finding the right program for your situation. 615-490-9376