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Foundations Chicago Outpatient
Foundations Chicago Outpatient
Foundations Chicago Outpatient
Foundations Chicago Outpatient

About Foundations Chicago

Serving the most populous city in the Midwest, Foundations Chicago caters to the unique needs of Windy City residents and those around the country by offering a comprehensive outpatient program. Our integrated treatment approach is targeted specifically to those with co-occurring addiction and mental health concerns, whether they are entering treatment for the first time or stepping down from a higher level of care.

Employing Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other proven methods, we walk patients through a stages-of-change approach. The foundation of our program is a continuum of individual and group therapies, integrated educational sessions, case management and holistic approaches. Patients use the tools we provide to help them achieve their personal recovery goals.

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Foundations Chicago Outpatient Brochure

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We begin with a customized care plan created to serve as a unique roadmap to recovery. Based on the patient’s individual needs, treatment may include family therapy, anger management sessions, physician-directed medication management, psychoeducational therapy and grief and loss sessions. Patients may also take advantage of our Intensive Outpatient Program and Partial Hospitalization Program.

The caring staff at Foundations Chicago fosters a compassionate and restorative environment that includes the Recovery Zone, complete with a patient lounge, videos, a lending library and Internet access. The entire process is designed to encourage and empower patients to rediscover themselves and leave equipped for a life of long-term recovery.

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Residential Rehabilitation Options

For those needing a higher level of care, FRN provides residential treatment at Skywood Recovery in Augusta, Mich., and The Oaks at La Paloma in Memphis, Tenn. At Skywood, conveniently located between Grand Rapids and Detroit, patients receive an individualized treatment plan designed so that they can successfully meet their own personal goals in recovery, step by step. At The Oaks, patients are treated for their co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders in a setting that exemplifies the charm and hospitality of the South. Find out more about residential treatment at Skywood or The Oaks today.

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Refuge Recovery Flyer

Join us Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 and Mondays at Noon for Refuge Recovery - a Buddhist path to recovering from addiction.

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Holistic Care

To achieve lasting wellness, we know it’s important to treat the whole person. That’s why our holistic therapy options are designed to inspire mind, body and spirit healing. At Foundations Chicago, the deep work of recovery is balanced by massage and art therapy offerings. Meditation and mindfulness practices are also emphasized so that patients can experience recovery through therapeutic reflection.

Features and Amenities

  • Centrally located in the most populous city in the Midwest
  • Evidence-based therapies and mindfulness practices
  • Holistic treatment services including art, massage and adventure therapies
  • Recovery Zone with patient lounge, videos, lending library, Internet access and more
  • Compassionate care in a nonjudgmental setting

Treatment Services

  • Integrated treatment for substance use and co-occurring mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, pain issues or psychological trauma
  • Individualized care planning focused on the unique needs of each person
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Physician-directed medication management
  • Life Challenge program and nationwide Heroes in Recovery community

GeneSight logoPharmagenomic testing is a tool we utilize in the medication management portion of our treatment services. By understanding the unique genealogy and DNA complexities of the individual, the test results paint a picture of what psychotropic medications the individual would respond to favorably, unfavorably or reactively. This helps us eliminate medications that may not work well for an individual or could, in some cases, cause an adverse reaction. This is a tool used by the attending physician in conjuncture with the multidisciplinary team to provide the best recommendations possible regarding medication management or medical-assisted treatment. It serves to supplement our expertise and is not a replacement for the multidisciplinary approach. This tool also saves time and rounds of ineffective medication regimes, while decreasing the negative side effects of mis-medicating or overmedicating patients.

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Q&A with the Outpatient Director

Get to know Ashley Danner and why she's so passionate about recovery.

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Clinical Program

  • Motivational Interviewing using a stages-of-change approach
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Case management
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Specialty and process groups, meeting the needs of a diverse population (couples and family counseling, anger management, 12-Step meetings, psychoeducational groups and more)
  • Recovery planning for relapse prevention and long-term success

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At Foundations Chicago, our compassionate staff is prepared to help you or a loved one recover from substance abuse and mental health concerns. To receive a confidential assessment or enroll in the outpatient program at Foundations Chicago, please call us at (855) 317-8259 or click the button below: