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Foundations Memphis
Foundations Memphis
Foundations Memphis
Foundations Memphis

About Foundations Memphis

Foundations Memphis is conveniently located in a charming East Memphis neighborhood where we serve patients stepping down from higher intensity services as well as individuals seeking entry-level outpatient care. Based on an award-winning treatment model, the outpatient program at Foundations Memphis is a group-oriented program that offers staff and peer support, psychiatric evaluation and assessment, medication management, group therapy and life skills classes integrated with 12-Step principles.

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Residential Rehabilitation Options

In addition to providing outpatient services in Memphis, FRN provides residential treatment nearby at The Oaks at La Paloma Treatment Center. The Oaks at La Paloma offers a comprehensive residential program with the time-tested FRN model of integrated treatment, patient-centered care and individualized plans. We offer medically supervised detox, a full spectrum of therapies and recreational activities as well as relapse prevention planning. Click here to find out more about residential treatment at The Oaks at La Paloma.

Our Mission

Foundations Memphis works in step with the pace of everyday life. We view our relationship as a partnership with our patients.

  • Our treatment philosophy is based on Motivational Interviewing and a stages-of-change approach with sessions including both specialty and process groups, which address everything from life skills and stress management to relapse prevention and peer support.
  • Treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment completed by a licensed therapist. A full medical and psychiatric profile allows us to create a treatment plan that truly meets your specific needs.
  • We offer focused, flexible morning and evening sessions to accommodate patients’ schedules so that they can maintain their everyday routines while acquiring necessary recovery skills.
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Foundations Memphis Outpatient Brochure

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Treatment Services

Here are some of services we offer in our treatment program:

  • A customized care plan focused on the unique needs of each individual
  • Comprehensive psychiatric assessment
  • Specialty groups including relapse prevention and stress management
  • Primary group therapy with a licensed mental health professional
  • Full panel drug screening upon admission and periodic random drug testing
  • Motivational Interviewing using a stages-of-change approach
  • Physician-directed medication management
  • Educational programs and lectures
  • Family group therapy
  • We have a dedicated phone line for alumni, which they can call to refer loved ones or get an assessment for readmission.
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Q&A with the Outpatient Director

Get to know Jennifer Weaver and why she's so passionate about recovery.

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Interchange Program for Athletes

The interchange program at Foundations Memphis was created in response to a local need for a structured program specifically for young college athletes demonstrating difficulty maintaining sobriety in the midst of strict designated university athletics guidelines. With weekly group sessions that meet for 10 to 12 weeks, the interchange program covers a variety of topics specifically designed to educate students and develop strong relapse prevention skills. Athletes are given weekly drug screenings, as well as the opportunity to address the underlying thinking patterns that lead to addictive behavior. Maintaining a direct line of contact with local universities, the team behind the interchange program exists to help athletes maintain scholarships and playing status, as well as get the most out of their overall education.

Features & Amenities

  • Convenient location in suburban East Memphis
  • Day and evening programs
  • Compassionate care in a non-judgmental setting
  • Holistic interventions including meditation and hypnotherapy
  • Treatment for those taking Suboxone or Subutex

Contact Us

To find out how to attend Foundations Memphis, please call us at 901-350-4520. If you are a clinician, you may also call this number to refer patients and find out more information about our programs. Contact us today.