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Foundations San Francisco Outpatient
Foundations San Francisco Outpatient
Foundations San Francisco Outpatient
Foundations San Francisco Outpatient

About Foundations San Francisco

Located in the heart of the Embarcadero district, Foundations San Francisco offers comprehensive, confidential, compassionate outpatient treatment in a convenient urban setting. Flexible daytime and evening programs address addiction and any co-occurring mental health issues simultaneously in a supportive atmosphere where substance abuse is recognized as a disease. Patients are treated with dignity and respect as the staff focuses on each individual’s unique needs.

Our program is located in the Embarcadero building on a quiet street in beautiful downtown San Francisco. Everything takes place in the same building: process groups, individual sessions, random drug testing, and holistic offerings, such as yoga, acupuncture and massage therapy. You experience all of this while surrounded by soothing water views that include the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. Parking, which is at a premium in the city, is also provided on-site.

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Residential Rehabilitation Options

For those needing a higher level of care, FRN provides residential treatment at Michael’s House in Palm Springs, Calif., and The Canyon at Peace Park in Malibu, Calif. At Michael’s House, curriculum for the men’s program focuses on developing a strength-based skill set, while the women’s program focuses on resiliency. Michael’s House is LGBT-friendly, with an LGBT track comprised of a process group and supportive therapy. The Canyon at Peace Park is a sanctuary of healing that combines holistic therapies and innovative approaches for a distinguished treatment experience. It has long been known as a center of spirituality, healing and renewal. Find out more about residential treatment at Michael’s House or The Canyon today.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to provide highly individualized, confidential treatment to help individuals succeed in recovery. Not everyone who needs treatment gets it, often due to misconceptions about the process or an inability to find a program that works with their schedule. That’s why we at FRN were committed to bringing our successful model to the San Francisco Bay Area. There is often a gap between addiction treatment and mental health services, and the goal of Foundations San Francisco is to bridge that gap with outpatient services that treat the these issues concurrently, helping people reach their best quality of life.

Holistic Treatment

Treatment is a mind, body and spirit experience, and we seek to address the needs of the whole person in order for long-term recovery to be successful. That’s why our program includes a range of holistic offerings aimed at relieving stress, providing healthy coping mechanisms and empowering patients to gain deeper insight through personal time for reflection and self-discovery. We have an on-site yoga studio with instruction focusing on “Awakened Recovery Yoga” that supports clients in reclaiming one’s authentic and compassionate selves. Meditation, acupuncture and massage all help decrease stress and aid in recovery as we treat the whole person.

Spiritual Care

Foundations San Francisco is committed to treating not just addiction but all aspects of the individual. That’s why we have a spiritual care coordinator on-site. This addiction specialist, spiritual counselor and ordained interfaith minister can provide spiritual assessments followed by weekly sessions that focus on awakened living and creating space for your own inner journey. The goal is always to meet patients where they are, helping them determine what role, if any, they would like spirituality or faith to play in their recovery. This looks different for everyone. It may include connecting with your inner voice on a deeper level or dealing with shame and confronting erroneous core beliefs from the past.

For those who are interested in this optional offering, our spiritual care coordinator works in partnership with our primary therapists, helping to create plans for patients when they leave treatment that is based on their spirituality and focused on tools to help them readily access what they believe.

Our Patients

The city is known for its thriving tech, fashion and financial communities as well as its celebrated diversity. Foundations San Francisco provides compassionate services that do not interfere with career and personal obligations but get to the root of addiction issues and move individuals toward healing and health. We also have experience serving the LGBT community and provide spiritual assessments for those who want to incorporate a faith element into their recovery.

You are never a number to us. Foundations San Francisco offers 12-Step optional, flexible programs where clinical decisions are driven by each individual’s unique needs. We operate on a “step-down” philosophy, with and our main goal is to see you accomplish your specific treatment goals.

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Q&A with the Outpatient Director

Get to know Christine Pappas and why she's so passionate about recovery.

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Services at Foundations San Francisco

Program Schedule
Foundations San Francisco offers a day program that runs from 12 pm to 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday, and we also have an evening program that runs from 5:45 pm to 9 pm, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. In addition, participants may take advantage of our wide range of holistic services, including Recovery Yoga, acupuncture, massage and psychiatry appointments on various days of the week.

  • Outpatient treatment in a convenient urban setting in the Embarcadero
  • Building includes complimentary valet parking and allows for scenic views of the San Francisco Bay
  • Day and evening sessions
  • Integrated treatment for substance use and co-occurring mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, pain issues or psychological trauma
  • Individualized care plan focused on the unique needs of each person
  • Intervention assistance
  • Plans for those beginning their recovery and those stepping down from a residential treatment program
  • Holistic treatment services, including yoga, meditation, acupuncture and massage
  • Family program focusing on the needs and supporting each family
  • Alumni program and nationwide Heroes in Recovery community
    • Motivational Enhancement Therapy using a stages-of-change approach
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
    • Physician-directed medication management
    • Psychiatry services available
    • Specialty and process groups
    • Recovery planning for relapse prevention and long-term success


Foundations Recovery Network provides a nationwide network of facilities that connects us to a large referral directory. We have a team dedicated to matching families with a private interventionist that fits their financial capability, location and clinical profile. Our goal is to find patients the support that is needed as well as get patients into the appropriate level of treatment that one requires and deserves for recovery. Our referral services are complimentary and we can also recommend a sober coach and/or a Sober Living Environment if needed.


In 2015, Foundations San Francisco added an LGBTQ track to their treatment offerings, providing a place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning individuals to address the specific cultural and psychological challenges that can present barriers to recovery. This LGBTQ-sensitive treatment track includes in-depth, validating and supportive psychoeducational groups and process therapy groups that empower the individual to release shame, address multiple levels of trauma, and identify a recovery path and support system for long-term health.

San Francisco has earned a reputation as a destination for LGBTQ individuals, with a well-known, welcoming community and a large SF Pride movement. Because San Francisco tends to be a place for those coming out and exploring newfound freedoms, it can also be a place where it’s easy to get caught up in addiction. While there’s a rich LGBTQ history in the city, there are not a lot of treatment programs aimed at this unique community outside of the non-profit realm. There are many hurting people in the LGBTQ community who are in need of treatment for co-occurring disorders that also takes their sexuality into account and recognizes how it impacts their recovery efforts. Foundations San Francisco understands this need, providing a program based on a solid system of care that also connects LGBTQ individuals to resources and support within their own community.
To help provide sober support for the LBGTQ community, Foundations San Francisco participates in events like the city’s annual SF Pride weekend. By partnering with the Castro Country Club in 2015, Foundations San Francisco offers a place for safe, sober fun in the midst of an event that can often include heavy drinking and debauchery. Foundations San Francisco sponsors entertainment in an alcohol- and drug-free hangout space, allowing those in recovery to have a good time without having to worry about relapse.
Foundations San Francisco’s track for LGBTQ individuals focuses on LGBTQ-sensitive care that includes weekly breakout groups, psychoeducational groups and a 12-week curriculum. These closed groups are invite-only, providing a safe place for LGBTQ patients to honestly process any issues related to their LBGTQ status that may be affecting their recovery. These groups also welcome anyone questioning their sexuality, allowing them to get answers and feedback from group members and professionals familiar with LGBTQ issues. This welcoming, integrative approach mixes specialized groups and information with universal mainstream treatment topics. Then, as treatment nears completion, the Foundations San Francisco staff uses their vast resources to connect those in the program with LGBTQ-friendly partners, support services and groups for the next phase of recovery.

Medication Management

Recovering from drugs and or alcohol is a personal journey and one that can be quite complex. At Foundations San Francisco, we are committed to providing a comprehensive treatment approach to meet the variety of needs patients may experience during their recovery process. Our treatment includes an on-site psychiatrist, who is available to assess patients for appropriate medications for dual diagnosis and cravings, as well as consult with outside providers on a case-by-case basis. In addition, prior to discharging a patient from treatment, we coordinate with outside providers when ongoing medication management is required.

Professional Lecture Series

These quarterly sessions find Foundations San Francisco welcoming professionals from within the community to our offices to share their expertise on a specific topic related to co-occurring disorders treatment and the recovery process. The focus of these regular seminars is to provide education and relevant information as a service to the community. Attendees have the option to earn CEs (continuing education credits) while connecting with others in the treatment field. These events draw fellow therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, MDs, interventionists and all varieties of treatment professionals.

On-Site Drug Testing

We provide random drug testing to our patients, as we strive to make the process accessible and as unobtrusive as possible.

Alumni Services

Upon completion of the intensive outpatient program and continuing care services, patients become members of our alumni network and will be invited to participate in regular alumni gatherings and special events. Each alumni group takes on its own personality, and Foundations San Francisco listens carefully to the needs and wants of the individuals to provide the support and services that are the right fit for this unique population. All alumni are also invited to take advantage of our direct alumni phone line, which they can call to refer loved ones or get an assessment for readmission, and alumni are encouraged to join the Heroes in Recovery community, a positive place to share their stories, celebrate recovery and interact with others committed to living a sober life.

Contact Us

To receive a confidential assessment or enroll in the outpatient program at Foundations San Francisco, please call us at 415-854-6735 or click the button below: