Outpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues in Georgia

About Us


Talbott Recovery offers non-residential, outpatient addiction treatment programs to provide professional, compassionate, private outpatient addiction treatment that can give you hope and provide you with the tools to find a better way to live. These programs allow you to live in your own residence and to visit one of Talbott’s Georgia locations for daily treatment, much like visiting a doctor’s or counselor’s office regularly.

Outpatient treatment offers a special opportunity for patients to start or reaffirm their recovery in a real-world setting. Acquiring the tools and education to sustain recovery long-term is a key facet of outpatient treatment, and our programs allow patients to process their thoughts with treatment professionals and peers as they continue to lay the foundation for a renewed life in sobriety. Whether you have just graduated from a residential program, you’ve been in recovery for years and would like to recommit to the process, or you’re just beginning to learn about what a life in recovery would mean for you, we can help.

Offering Two Outpatient Locations

Talbott offers two convenient outpatient locations in Georgia:

Residential and Partial Hospitalization Rehab Options

For those seeking a more intensive level of care, Foundations Recovery Network (FRN) offers residential services at Black Bear Lodge, which is situated in the serene forest foothills of northern Georgia. Located in Sautee, Black Bear Lodge provides a restorative atmosphere for transformative recovery, and it utilizes the same dedicated model of integrated treatment employed at Talbott and all FRN programs nationwide. Black Bear Lodge offers adventure and experiential therapy, a family program, educational groups, a professionals’ program, individual and group therapy, and personalized treatment plans. Patients benefit from innovative modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills and Motivational Interviewing. Click here to find out more about residential treatment at Black Bear Lodge.

Talbott Recovery Atlanta - Licensed as a Day Alcohol Treatment Education Program with a Sober Living component, Talbott’s main campus provides offsite therapeutic community housing where the patients are encouraged to work on their recovery skills while not in daily programming. Talbott Recovery Atlanta addresses substance abuse and co-occurring psychiatric disorders through a comprehensive range of services. Specializing in dual diagnosis treatment, they address addiction along with any coexisting depression, anxiety, unresolved grief, trauma and more. Research has shown that this method of addressing the whole patient provides the best possible chance of lasting recovery. Every patient receives unique, individualized treatment that best fits their needs, with Detox and Partial Hospitalization also available.

Talbott Recovery Atlanta offers programs for Adults, Licensed Professionals, Young Adults, Pilots and more. They also offer programming for family members as well as professional assessments, their popular Mirror Image Program and Life Challenge Program to provide support and resources for patients once they return home.