Recovery Unscripted Podcast - Episode 1

Featured Guest: Lee Pepper, Chief Marketing Officer, Foundations Recovery Network

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This episode of Recovery Unscripted features an interview with Lee Pepper, Chief Marketing Officer for Foundations Recovery Network. Lee shares his thoughts on the state of marketing in the field of addiction and mental health treatment and what’s next for the industry.

During his time working for Ross Perot, Lee adopted a motto from the former presidential candidate that has had a profound influence on his marketing philosophy: challenge conventional thinking. That philosophy has helped propel the Foundations marketing team to success because, as Lee puts it, “We didn’t take anything for granted. If somebody told us ‘no,’ we wanted to understand why.”

As our fast-paced culture changes rapidly, both marketers and healthcare providers need to keep moving forward to stay relevant. “Everything is moving so quickly that you have to be open to challenging your conventional ideas,” Lee explains. “And I think that’s something Foundations has been at the forefront with, challenging the way people approach treatment.”

One space where these two worlds intersect is virtual reality, where Foundations uses virtual facility tours to both increase consumer engagement online and help potential patients and their families feel more comfortable before they ever step foot on the facility grounds. “When you’re dealing with chemical dependency and substance abuse issues, it’s a very scary thing not knowing where your loved one is going,” Lee explains. “We’re hopefully using virtual reality to remove some of that anxiety.”

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