Recovery Unscripted Podcast - Episode 11

Featured Guest: Noah benShea, National Philosopher, Foundations Recovery Network

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On today’s episode, I talk with Noah benShea, international best-selling author and public speaker who currently serves as the poet philosopher for Foundations Recovery Network, where he works to inspire and empower people in recovery all over the world through words of encouragement.

As a young adult, Noah quickly found success in academia, but he then realized that he had a responsibility to use his talents to make a difference in the lives of others. The moment this struck him was on a trip to San Francisco when he heard an interview with management consultant guru Peter Drucker playing on TV. As Noah recalls, Drucker would ask “Do you know what business you’re in?” as his first question to executives. “And for me, it was as if a Zen monk had whacked me with a bamboo stave,” Noah says. “And I said to myself, ‘Noah, do you know what business you’re in?’…and at the end of the day, I’m here to be a source of strength to others.”

Noah’s inspirational words have offered hope to millions around the world through a wide variety of channels – from Starbucks coffee cups and restaurant sugar packets to PBS television specials. But it’s the personal interactions that mean the most to him. “The most moving moments for me have been when one person has come up to me,” Noah explains. “I think people feel when they talk with me they’re in a safe spot; in a safe spot from judgment, not in a safe spot from honesty and love.”

With his new books, Great Recovery Quotes and Stories to Inspire Great Healers and Great Recovery Quotes and Stories to Inspire Great Healing, Noah hopes to offer bite-size pieces of encouragement that can reach people in a variety of situations. “I thought that if I could try and capture ideas about hope and faith and patience and perseverance, and give people that in a one-line bite that they could take…and then posture each of the quotes with a story of somebody who was struggling to heal or was struggling in the role as a healer,” Noah articulates. “If I could put that together in a way that people could open the book on any page at any moment and find something that might flip on the light…then the world would be a little less in the dark.”

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