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Featured Guest: Matt Tant, Chief Executive Officer, Relode

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Today’s guest is Matt Tant, an entrepreneur and former NFL player who is currently the CEO of the Relode, a company he founded to disrupt the healthcare recruiting industry with smart technology. In this interview, he shares how he has used the lessons he learned on the football field about setting and achieving goals to build a crowdsourcing marketplace that allows anyone to put their network to work.

Matt spent much of his life working toward his goal of earning a college football scholarship and playing in the NFL. But after he realized those goals with Vanderbilt University and the San Diego Chargers, he began to feel drawn toward the world of business and entrepreneurship. “After many, many hits and surgeries and concussions, I was laying on the field one day in San Diego and decided that I was really thinking about business plans and starting my own company and not about the next play,” Matt recalls. “So, I journeyed back home to Nashville, Tennessee, from San Diego and really began my search for a career.”

After gaining experience as a recruiting agent, Matt began to have the idea for a platform that empowers people to use their own networks to become recruiters through an online marketplace. But as with any journey, there were bumps in the road. Even after meeting his co-founder and making a business plan, the economy forced them to delay launching Relode. “We were grabbing lunch one day, and I kicked the idea around with [my co-founder] of this online staffing model, and his response was ‘That’s amazing, and I can build it,’” Matt says. “[But] the great recession hit, and it was not a good time to start a software platform so the timing of the business wasn’t ready.”

However, Matt didn’t let the challenges he faced get the better of him. Once the economy rebounded and he saw other crowdsourcing start-ups like Uber and AirBnB disrupt their industries, he established Relode and has now built it into a company with 15 employees and thousands of agents who work through their platform. For Matt, his background in football had prepared him well for having the laser-focused drive of an entrepreneur. “In business, it’s no different to me – you write the goals down, you build a team to achieve those goals and then you maniacally run towards those goals,” Matt explains. “To me, it’s having a goal and running towards it with everything you have.”

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