Featured Guest: Christi Beth Adams, Owner, Fleet Feet Nashville

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Today, I’m joined by Christi Beth Adams, the owner of Nashville’s Fleet Feet sports stores. In this interview, she shares her journey from starting out as a 4th grade runner in small-town Kentucky to earning a collegiate track scholarship to managing her own successful athletic shops. She also explains how the shared experience of putting one foot in front of the other connects runners everywhere and discusses what led her to make Fleet Feet one of the first supporters of the Heroes 6K race series, which celebrates addiction and mental health recovery across the country.

As Adams began enjoying the team element of running in high school and college, she formed a common bond with her fellow runners that grew beyond simply training together for races. “It’s accountability, it’s encouragement, it’s ‘you understand me,’ we’re in the same boat,” Adams explains. “It’s not the day-to-day that makes you on a team or the same, it’s the shared experiences that make you a part of a team or part of a community.”

After college, however, Adams wasn’t planning to have a future in athletics and instead saw herself start down the path of corporate America before taking a job at one of Nashville’s Fleet Feet locations and ultimately being encouraged by her bosses to pursue store ownership. “I’ve been super fortunate to have people in my life who recognized my skillset before I did,” Adams says. “They saw the work I was doing here…and recognized that to own the store was something that they thought I was capable of.”

Her leadership role at Fleet Feet and her desire to promote recovery awareness in her community also led her to become an early corporate sponsor of the Heroes in Recovery 6K races, which bring together communities across the country to celebrate life in recovery. “I have some mental illness in my family…and it’s something that isn’t often brought to light,” Adams shares. “To actually say that we’re going to have this event and it’s more of a celebration…it’s out in the open – that’s symbolic of what the whole process is.”

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