Recovery Unscripted Podcast - Episode 8

Featured Guest: Lori Jean Glass, Executive Director of Clinical Operations, Five Sisters Ranch

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Today’s guest is Lori Jean Glass, a renowned relationship coach, educator and expert on love addiction, love avoidance and co-dependency. She joined me at the Recovery Results conference in Dallas to shed some light on these complicated issues and explain why we board the “crazy train” of unhealthy relationships (and how we can get off that train and begin healing).

For Lori Jean, her passion for helping others heal their relational wounds stems from her own personal journey. “I spent a good portion of my early life in and out of many relationships and needing positive regard and having unrealistic expectations,” Lori Jean shares. “I didn’t really understand what I was doing at the time because of the limitations of the wounds that were not getting treated properly.”

As she began to help others, she realized more and more that we often find ourselves on a “crazy train” of relationship issues, but we can’t see it for what it is because we think that is what’s normal. “The reason why we don’t have the perspective is that we’re drawn to what’s familiar regardless of merit,” Lori Jean explains. “Usually that train that we’re riding is very much like the living room we grew up in…and that’s why we don’t know that we’re riding crazy train.”

She has also found that these issues can be very complicated, even when it comes to the terminology that treatment providers, patients and loved ones use. “We just have to be mindful of the labels and mindful of how we use the term ‘love addiction’…it brings about a lot of shame when you put a word like ‘love’ in the same topic as addiction.” Lori Jean says. “You can still have really beautiful love in your life…it doesn’t mean that it’s an addiction and you have to give it up.”

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