Recovery Unscripted Podcast - Episode 9

Featured Guest: Michael Myles, Chief Executive Officer, Active Marketing

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For this episode, I caught up with Michael Myles, CEO of Active Marketing, at the Recovery Results conference in Dallas. Michael weighs in on a number of emerging marketing trends and shares how treatment providers who improve their branding ultimately improve their ability to help more people, more efficiently.

Michael founded Active Marketing out of his desire for bringing together business and technology and has been helping treatment providers find new and better ways to reach consumers and meet their goals ever since. His eyes were really opened when he attended a behavioral healthcare conference in 2013. “I just kind of realized that there were a lot of people in this industry who didn’t have any path to taking their facility to market,” Michael remembers. “That’s when I really started to become a part of the treatment community, not just as a vendor but really as a part of the treatment community.”

One of the tools that Michael and his team at Active Marketing utilize to help their clients is content marketing. “When done properly, content marketing is the creation of great content and then leveraging that content, that is now an asset for your organization, to generate demand for your services,” Michael explains. “Maybe your content is a video and it’s an interview with someone who is just entering treatment…that’s not just SEO, that’s great content.”

But perhaps the most important way that a treatment provider can help position itself for success is through creating its own unique brand as industry consolidation continues to ramp up. “As that happens, what’s going to differentiate Company A from Company B when you offer all the same things?” Michael asks. “Brand is really built on a meaningful differentiator…over time, that brand and that brand differentiation, that’s what’s going to make the difference.”

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