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Recovery Unscripted brings you firsthand stories and exclusive insights from the frontlines of the opioid crisis, mental health care and addiction treatment. Powered by Foundations Recovery Network, this podcast’s mission is to share valuable wisdom and powerful stories.


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    Episode #15 | April 12, 2017

    Today, I’m joined by Christi Beth Adams, the owner of Nashville’s Fleet Feet sports stores. In this interview, she shares her journey from starting out as a 4th grade runner in small-town Kentucky to earning a collegiate track scholarship to managing her own successful athletic shops. She also explains how the shared experience of putting one foot in front of the other connects runners everywhere and discusses what led her to make Fleet Feet one of the first supporters of the Heroes in Recovery 6K race series, which celebrates addiction and mental health recovery across the country.

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    Episode #14 | April 5, 2017

    For this episode, I met with Dr. Philip Hemphill, the Chief Clinical Officer at Lakeview Health treatment center. He joined me for this interview at the Recovery Results conference in Dallas, where he spoke on transforming addiction treatment by implementing an integrative health model and using real-world data to inform decision-making.

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    Episode #13 | March 29, 2017

    Today’s guest is Matt Tant, an entrepreneur and former Vanderbilt University and NFL football player who is currently the CEO of the Relode, a company he founded to disrupt the healthcare recruiting industry with smart technology. In this interview, he shares how he has used the lessons he learned on the field about setting and achieving goals to build a crowdsourcing marketplace that allows anyone to put their network to work.

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    Episode #12 | March 22, 2017

    My guest today is Dr. Jes Montgomery, an expert in treating addictive sexual behavior with nearly 30 years of experience focusing on the family and long-term aspects of recovery. He sat down with me at the Recovery Results conference in Dallas to demystify some common misconceptions about sex and pornography addictions and to share how he has applied the core beliefs of his mentor Dr. Patrick Carnes to help bring these conditions out of the shadows.

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    Episode #11 | March 15, 2017

    On today’s episode, I talk with Noah benShea, international best-selling author and public speaker who currently serves as the poet philosopher for Foundations Recovery Network, where he works to inspire and empower people in recovery all over the world through words of encouragement.

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    Episode #10 | March 8, 2017

    Today’s guest is John West, co-founder of The Guest House Ocala with Judy Crane and president of Sober Companions, who joined us for this conversation at the Recovery Results conference in Dallas. John shares how he combined his own experience of recovery and his career in Hollywood to establish two businesses that help people with unique lifestyle demands find true connection and heal from their emotional wounds.

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    Episode #9 | March 1, 2017

    For this episode, I caught up with Michael Myles, CEO of Active Marketing, at the Recovery Results conference in Dallas. Michael weighs in on a number of emerging marketing trends and shares how treatment providers who improve their branding ultimately improve their ability to help more people, more efficiently.

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    Episode #8 | February 22, 2017

    Today's guest is Lori Jean Glass, a renowned relationship coach, educator and expert on love addiction, love avoidance and co-dependency. She joined me at the Recovery Results conference in Dallas to shed some light on these complicated issues and explain why we board the "crazy train" of unhealthy relationships (and how we can get off that train and begin healing).

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    Episode #7 | February 15, 2017

    Today, I’m joined by two of the lead advocates for Heroes in Recovery, Amy Cooper and Margaret Phillips. They share about the personal journeys that drew them to become leaders in the recovery community and about their work with Heroes, a grassroots movement seeking to break the stigma surrounding addiction and mental health issues.

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