Our Referral Relationships

At Foundations Recovery Network, we’re in the business of building lifetime relationships, but each of those relationships starts as a single connection. Before we can grow together, someone first has to discover who we are and all we have to offer. In order to reach those who don’t already know about FRN, we know we need to do what others aren’t doing. We make these connections by focusing on the needs of the customer. If you want more trees, then plant more seeds. We take that seriously, and that’s why we are intentional about investing in our relationships. Without lifetime relationships, long-term recovery becomes difficult.

At FRN, we are built to respond quickly to the unique and changing needs of our customers. Our success can largely be attributed to our ability to lead the way with irrational generosity; we focus on how we can serve the community. Our connections are important because they represent progress toward eliminating the stigma of mental health and substance abuse. Our biggest competition is how the healthcare community approaches behavioral health; we exist to make a difference for those who don’t have a voice and our connections play a key role in our ability to make a difference.

Beyond a Singular Approach

The market sees our deeper values and sense of purpose and responds to that. We aren’t singular in our approach. We advocate, create awareness and give people a voice. Our Heroes in Recovery is advocacy in action, celebrating those who have completed treatment and inspiring those still in need of help. Our conferences provide solid content and curriculum to further professional development and better the entire treatment community. We’re not just a treatment provider. FRN plays a key role in educating the industry on best practices and leading the way in new approaches and methods.

Led by Nigel Green, Director of Business Development, our business development team spans from east to west and north to south. We have members in Maryland, Massachusetts, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and California who work tirelessly to get out the message about FRN and all we have to offer.

Connect with Us

If you want to connect with FRN and see how you or your organization can benefit from our referral relationships, please contact us at the number listed. We would love to partner with you for the good of the recovery community. Contact us today.