Our Commitment to Research

Foundations Recovery Network’s mission is to be the leader in evidence-based integrated treatment for co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders through clinical services, education and research. By collecting, analyzing and communicating timely and reliable information about our patients, such as their needs and outcomes, the FRN research department is able to support decisions at all levels, from the consumer to the clinician to organizational leadership.

Even third-party payers, insurance companies and policy-makers are able to benefit from FRN research. By tracking outcomes, FRN treatment teams are able to make real time adjustments in program strategies and patient interventions. Our research information is shared globally through conferences, presentations and web-based education, supporting quality industry-wide.

Furthering the Cause of Treatment Education

Our research benefits the entire industry of addiction and mental health treatment. We regularly work in partnership with community agencies, submitting grants and supporting other organizations’ research efforts. This includes working in collaboration with the public sector. We are committed to pursuing research that benefits the greater good.

Our research process allows us to track the recovery progress of our patients at key points during the first year of recovery: at one month, six months and 12 months after discharge from an FRN program.

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Those who have been through the treatment process are usually willing to help by participating in the follow-up studies. Our follow-up rates with patients meet federal standards. This is real time data that the research team uses to track patient progress and outcomes, something few other organizations do. Our research outcome tracking uses strict scientific methods, and our research demonstrates that 80% or more of our patients are drug-free at six months after treatment.

What We’ve Learned

In addition to tracking outcomes at FRN facilities and providing quality checks, the research team looks at specific areas of substance abuse and treatment to improve patient experiences as well as outcomes. Our publications provide important insight into the unique characteristics and outcomes of a number of treatment populations—for example, patients suffering from opiate use or young adults with co-occurring disorders.

This allows FRN to design programs and interventions with the most up-to-date and relevant information. Our findings are then regularly presented at addiction conferences and shared with the treatment community at large so that the benefit is multiplied.