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About Skywood Recovery

Healing is within reach. If you have lived in the chaos that addiction causes or grappled with managing mental health conditions that others don’t seem to understand, hope may seem far away. But you’re not at a dead end. Your journey is just beginning.

Under the wide-open Michigan skies, we provide a serene setting that gives patients the space they need to heal as they learn healthy new habits. Offering integrated residential treatment in the beautiful Augusta woodlands, Skywood Recovery helps patients address not just addiction but any co-occurring mental health disorders that may be hindering their progress. As they focus on rebuilding, they begin to rediscover joy in everyday life.

Through individual, group and educational sessions, patients find hope and healing. Growth doesn’t just happen through therapy sessions, though. Holistic offerings and recreation complete our well-rounded recovery experience. Skywood offers adventure therapy, year-round equine therapy, yoga, extensive walking trails and golf cart paths. Add in delicious meals prepared by our executive chef and you begin to see the Skywood difference.

Skywood is an extraordinary place that fosters healing through our staff, peer support and a restorative environment. Our treatment team is committed to helping you develop the skills and relationships you need to propel you into a brand new life.

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Maybe you’ve tried rehab before. Maybe you’ve tried several times, and your loved ones are worn out. But the often-fatal disease of addiction — which is commonly complicated by underlying mental health issues — requires a deep and continual commitment to recovery. This isn’t about just saying goodbye to drugs and alcohol, it’s about total transformation.

Skywood is part of Foundations Recovery Network, a nationwide family of integrated treatment facilities. Our methods at Foundations are evidence-based and research-proven. According to SAMHSA, we are a “best practices” program, and some have even called us the “gold standard” in addiction treatment. After 11 federally funded research studies, including a three-year CSAT-funded study, we have developed our program of clinical practices that support real-life transformation.

But none of that matters if you don’t experience it firsthand.

Since 1995, we have helped thousands of people and their families find healing from addiction and mental health conditions.

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What’s Different About What We Do?

The Foundations system of care is focused on the whole person, treating mind, body and spirit for lasting recovery. The treatment experience at Skywood and our other treatment centers is comprehensive, compassionate and tailored for your specific needs.

At Skywood, you will receive an individualized treatment plan designed so that you can meet your own personal goals in recovery, step by step. We do full assessments to make sure we can accurately treat both your substance abuse and mental health conditions — and we want to understand the familial and social contexts that you bring to the table.

Here’s a breakdown of what your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experience with us would look like:

  • Physical – Through detox and stabilization, we will assist you as your body readjusts to the absence of drugs and alcohol. Our consulting physicians and nursing staff will tend to your needs and monitor your symptoms. We also believe nutrition plays a role in wellness, so you will enjoy nutritious, tasty meals on our campus, and we will teach you wellness practices that you can maintain at home. You will also be able to experience the richness of the flora and fauna on our vast grounds.
  • Mental – We will be caring for your mental health through therapeutic venues, educational groups and psychiatric care. We use Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other proven methods to help you excel in recovery. Our consulting physicians will help you understand your condition and manage any necessary medications.
  • Emotional – We will address grief, loss, anger, trauma and other important topics through groups and individual therapy. You will also be able to learn more about forming and sustaining healthy relationships, managing conflict and overcoming life’s obstacles. You will develop life skills that will help you maintain recovery once you return home. In addition, you can participate in therapeutic projects through creative arts and experience healing with your loved ones through our family program.
  • Spiritual – We encourage spiritual development, with each person determining what that means for him or her. We will teach you the practices of yoga and meditation, and we also provide access to 12-Step meetings and other peer support groups for added solidarity through community.

At Skywood:

You are connected. There are no lone wolves in recovery. Just like how stars are part of constellations, you are inherently part of a network that reaches far beyond your imagination. You will have help, and be able to give back, as you achieve and pursue recovery.

Your destiny is waiting for you. Feeling guilty or ashamed of what your life should be — or hasn’t been — is holding back your future. Imagine living freely and taking hold of who you’re meant to be as you begin to reclaim your identity. Uncovering your destiny is what recovery is all about.

Healing does happen, and happiness is possible. The chances are great that you’ve overlooked the amount of restoration and gratitude that can happen in your life. Prepare to discover this again — or for the first time — as you embark on a journey of positive change.

Take the First Step

If you’re ready to take the first step toward recovery, contact us today. We can tell you more about Skywood and what the treatment process is like. Our admissions coordinators will help you find the best fit for your situation and can verify any insurance coverage benefits at no cost to you. Today can be the day that your life changes for the better. We’re ready when you are.